Monday, August 1, 2011

Spiritual Understanding

For anyone that is thinking about acquiring a Metaphysical spirit there is naturally going to be questions that come to mind. Even those of you who already have befriended the spirits of the unknown may find this short guide very useful.

To begin, it is most important to state that each spirit is unique. There are no two spirits that are alike. Each is completely different, each with their own characteristics and traits. Some spirits are more temperamental than others while some are of course more accepting and less likely to get offended.

Not only this, but it is important to keep in mind, that the way a spirit reacts to one master will be completely different than the way the spirits reacts to the next. This is in part due to the bond the spirit and the master share. Naturally the way that you treat your spirits and the way you neighbor would, would of course be different. This is important for many reason. An example of this is manifestions. A spirit may manifest for one master one way while manifesting for another master in a completely different way all together. Also, the bonding period may be different lengths of time as well, but we will touch more on that below and in my other guide which you can find on this site, "The Bonding Process."

Now that you understand and realize that all spirits are different it is equally important to touch on the basic fundamental differences in spirits. You can separate them into 3 groups.

Light: Which means they will cause no harm to anyone, under any circumstance. These spirits want only what is best for the master. If a wish is not granted after the bonding period, this is a wonderful thing. As that wish would in some way cause you harm. While you may not understand it as you can not see the "side effects" of the desired wish, the spirit certainly does and has protected you.

Dark: Dark spirits are neither good nor evil. These spirits will stop at nothing to bless their masters with the desire wish. This of course means, they will grant the wish no matter what the cost is to the master. Even if the desired wish would cause harm it will be granted. These spirits are extremely powerful but as the old saying goes, "YOUR wish is my command."

Evil: These are the type of spirits you do not want! These spirits will stop at nothing to harm, lie, cheat, and ruin everything that is good in your life. There is no controlling them. There is being their true they already have one. I am sure you already know his name.

Next my friends, the bonding period. As you all know this is an issue that drastically differs from one seller to the next. I do not believe in lying to my customers or anyone for that fact so I will give it to you straight.

Bonding times are completely up to the spirit and the master. There is nothing anyone else can do to speed these up. The bonding period is a time of forming a relationship with your spirit. Your connection and the ability to share thought and energy grow as well. It is only after the bonding period is over and your connection with your spirit is at its zenith will you be able to ask your spirit to bless you.

No one should ever believe that the moment they receive their spirit, they can rub the lamp, place the ring on your finger or touch the amulet that spirit will instant "poof" out and grant your wish. This is completely movie grade myth. That is not the way that the Metaphysical world operates. To think that your spirit will bless you immediately is misguided and disrespectful.

The bonding times as I mentioned before are always different from one relationship to the next. Some individuals will acquire their spirit and will feel them immediately. Some will even have a fully bond immediately. The spirit will be instantly ready to do their bidding.

Other will have to go through the bonding period for a week. Some a month. Some even longer. Some may feel their spirits energies more readily than others. Naturally as I stated above, this is due to the difference in masters, in spirits, in their relationships.

Another matter is, invocations. This goes hand in hand with the bonding period. An invocation ritual has to be done to form a bond with your spirit. It has to be done by the master of the spirit. No one else can do this for you.

Also, the invocation has to be real. A powerful loving spirit will remain inactive unless a real invocation ritual is used. Throwing pepper seeds and saying the name of the spirit a million times will never bring out the connection that you desire. Going without eating is not the key either. I will be posting false invocation rituals on my site shortly. These are the invocations that have been sent to me by my customers who received them from other sellers. I will break them down and explain why the invocation ritual is complete nonsense.

Now that we have covered the biggest topics of what to expect, it is important to mention and this guide with...RESPECT!

Respect is the single most powerful tool that you have when it come to your spirits. Nothing will assist you greater with your bonding than Respect. This is so important that it really does need to capitalized at all times.

It is very easy to get discouraged with your spirits, especially when you have has them for a period of time and they are not giving you what it is that you desire Again, this is understandable and normal human emotion. But, it is very important not to become DISRESPECTFUL and completely destroy everything you have been working for. I can not stress this enough.

Give your spirits time to bond with you, the master.

If anyone has anything questions please let me know.

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