Friday, September 5, 2008

Ouija and Angel Boards

My friends, here is a photo of a Spirit Board, or Ouija board that I own.  I personally have one as it has been passed down within my family for decades now.  I can assure you, I do not use it.

These Ouija boards have been a hot topic of conversation and no matter where I am (Ebay, my Web Site, or in my previous broker locations).  Constantly I have been asked about them and what my thoughts are.  First my friends, I want to give a warning to all that read this, 

These are not toys!

These are not for our use.  

They are dangerous and if you play with fire, you will be burned!  

Let the conversations begin.  Click on the comments to learn more about them.


Onstar28607 said...

First it is important to know what the Ouija/Angel/Spirit board is.

A ouija board (correctly pronounced "wee-jah" /wiʤə/ although often pronounced "wee-gee" /wiʤi/ and commonly known as a 'Spirit Board' ) is any flat board printed with letters, numbers, and other symbols, to which a planchette or movable indicator points, supposedly answering questions from people at a séance. The fingers of the participants are placed on the planchette that then moves about the board to spell out messages.

These boards are believed to be a sort of connection with the spirit world.

In all honesty, they are....Just not the spirit world you want to communicate with.

In popular culture these boards are considered to be a spiritual gateway used to contact the dead.

When using these boards, basically you are giving a spirit or spirits, the right to work through your mind and your body to give messages. Messages are usually the beginning. If you continue to use these devices, much more will come through.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that when using this board, you do not pick the spirit you communicate with, the spirit chooses you. These devices make a connection to the spirit world. The realm that is closest to ours. This is not the realm of friendly spirits or the realm of our loved ones that have passed! No!!!

This realm is of nothing but evil. Demons and souls of the damned. There is no way to 'play' with the board. The spirit that you contact may be nice and friendly at first. It may even answer some questions the way that you like for them too. The truth is, everything that you are being told is a complete lie! Every bit of it. These spirits will lie and cheat as long as they have to to get what they want. Eventually the nature of the spirit will make itself known and by that time it may be too late.

Again, I want to make this very clear. There is no way to communicate with good spirits. NO WAY! All spirits that you contact are evil.

There are some people, usually those who have never actually used one of these boards, that say they are safe and after you finish the spirit will leave. In just about all cases, once you make this connection with this realm, that connection will stay. As you continue to use these boards, that connection becomes stronger and stronger.

It is almost impossible to have the spirit leave after you have summoned it. To begin, these spirits may seem like they are gone, but that is just a part of the role they are playing.

Most users of these boards develop serious problems after prolonged use. Many become suicidal, and have bad dreams: all go through periods of depression. Some even develop violent thoughts and hatred. These of course are not your thoughts, but the thoughts and the nature of the spirits you have been connection with. This is the hold, the connection that they begin to make with you.

Over time, it is possible to summon incredibly evil spirits via these devices. Do a search on the internet concerning Ouija board experiences and you will read some of the most scary user experiences.

With that my friends, I open this discussion up to you all. I look forward to reading your thoughts.


Goth Weaver said...

I remember having one of these as a kid. I think it was made by Parker Brothers.Thankfully, nothing happened, but then too, maybe my brother and I weren't using it right?

I have heard a number of scary stories in recent years about Ouija boards. I've also seen a movie called "Witch board".

It's really a scary idea how a piece of wood, a piece of plastic, and a few letters and numbers can cause that much trouble.

Onstar28607 said...

Goth my friend,

Thank you for your insight. It is certainly welcome here my friend.

The Ouija board is more than just a piece of wood, some plastic and some letters. It is a door to your realm. A door to your mind, your senses and by opening this door, you open yourself to so much evil. So much harm.

I am glad your brother and yourself did use the device correctly. If you did, then you surely had someone watching over you. You are very lucky.

Great post my friend, I will be emailing you soon.

Many blessings,
Luke -Onstar28608

Goth Weaver said...

I imagine that the Parker brothers version is nothing more than wood, plastic, and letters, but I assume that real Ouija boards have had some sort of process done with them to allow them to work as a "phone" to another realm. Still, it seems though that there would be a process similar to the Ouija board that would allow us to communicate with good spirits. Then too, maybe that's just wishful thinking.

CescoAiel said...

I do not think there is anything special done with the boards. It is YOU who are opening up yourself to the other realm(s)

As a matter of fact, here in The Netherlands we have something called "Glaasje draaien" ("Turn the glass") which achieves the same using a normal tabletop, cut out letters, digits and yes/no and an upturned glass.
Actually it was featured - to the dismay of myself and a lot of other Dutch people - in a daily TV soap recently, creating yet another trap for unwary souls wanting to "try" what they saw on TV...
I wish TV producers would think before they put stuff like this on TV (Or maybe they too are "under the influence?...)

Onstar28607 said...

CescoAiel you are most certainly right. The board itself is completely harmless. Just as any item on its own.

With the Ouija Board and different variations, they have been marketed as toys for so very long. It is supposed to be a game but the true is, it isn't.

When you use one, you are opening yourself to every spiritual force that is amongst this plane. This realm. Those spirits are not pleasant. They are not likeable or even helpful.

I will update this thread soon with more experiences from my friends.

Anonymous said...

Had one as a teenager. Dont mess with. It told my neighbor lady 60's
and I it was going to kill me and alot of other words that I wont use on here. Or use for any matter.

Took it out of house broke it into like 6 pcs and put in garbage. Exactly where it belonged.

Christian said...

I didnt know they were dangerous,let alone much about them in general.

Im glad to know this now but i did use the board before on multple occasions.To tell you the truth on all occasions i don't
think anything happened and unfortuanatly i was a little saddened.The person i did it with had said they had done with someone before
and that it had gotten very scary so they stopped.My friend said he was having nightmares and he was getting in a lot of trouble.So
when he asked me if i wanted to use the board with him one night i said yes.Note it was before i had spirits so i was very eager to
experience something on a more "paranormal" level.The first time we tried nothing(to my current knowledge) happened,which irriatated
my friend.So we did it again a few times and nothing happened(again to my knowledge).So i believe we used it wrong luckily.

So i will not be using those ever again thanks for the knowledge:)

Also Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

I personally use a board with letters and numbers with a pendulum to communicate with my own spiritd I have at home (djinns and my spirit guides) and never had a problem. Yes, I do have some passed on souls come along and want to say Hi or communicate with me if they are confused why they are dead but I never never had an evil spirit come through to talk to me. I had one bad spirit sent to me by someone and I even told him to come forth and communicate with me. I have a salt barrier on all my windows and doors and really I have not had strange visitors. I am a medium but i can not ''hear'' them per say so I needed to find a way to speak to them or them to me. And it helped me out tremendously. I think different people attract different spirits and also it depends on the energy of the home and/or the home is already haunted.

But thats just my experience. Oh and I wanted to say I did my communication board myself at first by literally only drawing letters and numbers on a sheet of paper. As soon as I hold my pendulum I have spirits wanting to speak and i know who is taking over (meaning who of my djinns or who of my spirit guides) I even recognize the way they speak or talk how they express themselves..